My parents are getting older and need help cleaning their house. I’m always trying to find ways to give back to the parents who spent so many years preparing me for life. All those years when I was a kid I had no idea what bills where. It just seemed like food magically appeared on the table.

I can still remember going to the local toys r us to pick out the latest toy. I feel like it is a moral obligation to only try to come close to reciprocating the love and energy our parents gave to us for 18+ years. As much as I want to help I know I am not willing to clean their house for them.

Growing up I thought that having a maid was something only reserved for wealthy. Don’t get me wrong some people get a certain joy from cleaning and they should continue to do so if they choose to. I just love the feeling of my house being cleaned and presented to me as a gift.

I wanted my parent to have that same experience so I decided to send a cleaning crew to their home in Warren NJ.

Spot On Maids is the company I use for my home so it only made sense to use their services. Sure my parents keep things in order and they are far from hoarders. It’s not about that. It’s more about the time it would have taken to accomplish it.

Sometimes in life we realize that time is our most valuable asset.

My parents agreed for now to get a cleaning every two weeks. They have had 3 cleanings so far and my father is the biggest fan of my grand idea to help out around the house.

He says that mom has expressed how relaxed she felt Saturday morning when she realized she would be able to run to the mall to exchange a dress instead of scrubbing the bath tub. Unfortunately now my mother is spoiled.

She sent me a text message (that is huge for her) saying she looks forward to me hiring a chef so she can retire her apron. I want to thank Spot On Maids for always holding up your end of the bargain and granting me the feeling of being a hero to my parents in this subtle fashion.